As we can not physically come together at this time we are organising some 

Virtual Gatherings 

so those that wish can access a few of the presentations that would have been offered at our Ohio Gathering. 

Presentations will be via Zoom and happen at 3pm US Eastern time (8pm UK, 9pm Europe)  on each Saturday from September 12th onwards. Presentations will run for 90 minutes with a short break in the middle. The length of the presentation acknowledges the challenge of keeping your attention focused during online Zoom presentations. All presentations will be recorded for viewing later.

Saturday November 7th 2020

PRESENTATION— Orienting to Consciousness, part 2: The 3-Nervous Systems with Glen Weimer PTP

Glen-Weimer.jpgIn part 2 of Orienting to Consciousness we will continue to explore the 3-Gunas and 3-nervous systems as conscious life energy.  We will look more closely at the Polyvagal Theory of the Autonomic Nervous System through the lens of Polarity Therapy and the dynamic forces of motion (Rajas & Tamas) and stillness (Sattva).



To register for the Zoom presentations please fill in the form below and we will email your the access details. Presentations are FREE. If you have already registered for a previous presentation you will automatically receive all the access details.


Ohio_cancelled.jpgThe International Polarity Educational Alliance 2020 Conference

Lakeside, Ohio, USA September 10-13, 2020

has been CANCELLED

due to COVID-19